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Programs & Services


Mentoring & Counciling

SOCC provides mentoring and counseling that stress individual independency, self awareness, self confidence and leadership.


Counseling and mentoring services are offered through our gang programs, plan parenthood programs, substance abuse programs, unwed mothers and fathers programs.


Training & Employment

GED, Employment Services & Prison Release Programs


These programs are designed to provide immediate needs services to assist the recipient in transitioning into becoming a productive member of society.

Become A Mentor

Programs and services available through Save Our Community Coalition, Inc. (SOCC) are designed to achieve efficiency in helping resdients trannsition from poverty, gangs and other social ills into productive members of society.


Housing & Entrepreneurship

Temporary Housing, Social Services & Entrepreneurship Programs


These programs are the cornerstones of the overall SOCC services.  The indigent, unwed mothers, elderly, homeless people, teens, prison released and or anyone interested in SOCC programs shall be welcome to apply.

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