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About us

Save Our Community Coalition, Inc. (SOCC) is a 501c3 nonprofit tax exempt organization for the charitable and educational purpose of improving life through the balance of unlocking the potential of gang members, unwed mothers and fathers, unemployed, elderly, homeless and downtrodden people.


SOCC helps alleviate poverty and homelessness by providing social services that include, but not limited to, employment readiness training, mentoring services, food, clothing and shelter or project housing services.


SOCC also works to identify employment opportunities and develop entrepreneurship programs  for teens and adults

OUR VISION:  Alleviate Poverty & Homelessness

OUR MISSION: Save Our Community

The mission of SOCC is to support positive social and economic change on behalf of disenfranchised or marginalized populations throughout Chicago urban communities.


SOCC objectives:


  • Help people who have found themselves unemployed and homeless get the soles of their feet back on the ground.


  • Give people who have become welfare dependent the training and job skills needed so they too can become productive members of society.


  • Encourage and assist those individuals and groups who envision becoming entrepreneurs the guidance and direction necessary to accomplish these goals.


  • Assist the ex-offender in transitioning back into society.


  • Feed the hungry and show low income residents in City of Chicago communities how to do for self.


SOCC intends to accomplish its mission and objectives through programs designed to produce measurable outcomes that impact positive social and economic change in living standards of those we serve.

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